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PiL is a unique and user-friendly ground penetrating radar system in the manner that all of its components were developed and manufactured only for PiL. It has its own radar control unit integrated with the GPR antenna, its own unique cart and software. The user interface of the dedicated software allows for quick application in the field. PiL is design to make the surveying process a simple and quick task with straightforward user control. Because of this the cart also received extra care from our design team, resulting in a quick folding solution that requires little space.

Some users, and surveys they undertake, benefit from a simple system that does its work without sacrificing the results. Although the customers usually prefer the scalability and fine control of the other Geoscanners GPR system, more direct surveys and less experienced operators can find too many options to be overwhelming. For those cases PiL is the perfect survey solution. It includes the most important functions and produces high quality data.

The PiL survey solution is straight-forward, quick and ready to be used as soon as it arrives. You will be pleased with the simplicity of usage and the good quality results as expected from all Geoscanners GPR equipment.

Included Products

The products below are standard products that are included in all PiL systems.

Apart from the listed products, all Geoscanners systems include quick professional support and GPR training at the Geoscanners facility in Sweden or at another location around the world (read more here).

  • Integrated control unit and antenna
  • SVC-823 survey cart with an integrated survey wheel
  • Laptop
  • PiL post-processing and acquisition software
  • Battery and charger
  • Accessories
  • PiL

    Easy to use with great results.

  • PiL

    New to GPR? PiL is the perfect start!


  • Utility detection and positioning
  • Void location mapping
  • Other on-site locating applications
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