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The Akula 9000B radar control unit has a great amount of features and a large number of system configuration possibilities, all of which have contributed to its large popularity. It is a product associated with excellent survey results and it is no surprise that Akula 9000B has been a part of the Geoscanners product range for a long time, making it stay its ground as other control units on the market come and go.

Because Akula 9000B is compatible with Geoscanners' antennas with center frequencies between 100MHz and up to 1000MHz, depending on the configuration, it covers the needs of multiple survey industries. The feature rich Akula 9000B will provide exceptional results and successful surveys for geological investigations as well as for concrete surveys. Each user receives a GPR system tailored for their particular needs thanks to the large number of antennas that can be used with the Akula 9000B control unit.

After owning your initial system, you can easily access the rest of the configurations. If the survey requirements change over time, then you can still use the Akula 9000B control unit with additional antennas from the list of compatible antennas. All of this makes Akula 9000B a radar control unit with a high degree of scalability and perfectly suited for small businesses. The GPR operators will enjoy an easy and intuitive software interface that provides them with full control over all the the parameters involved in making a fast and outstanding survey.


Requirement Akula 9000B features
Antenna Compatibility BA borehole antennas,
GCB ground coupled antennas (100MHz-1000MHz),
FLB-390 airborne antennas.
Interface Language English, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Turkish.
  • Akula 9000B

    Akula 9000B is Geoscanners' longest available
    and most often sold GPR radar control unit.

  • Akula 9000B


  • Utility location with wide antenna selection between 100-1000 MHz
  • Concrete inspections with the GCB-700 and GCB-1000 ground coupled antennas
  • Geological exploration with the lower band ground coupled antennas GCB-100 and GCB-200
  • Rough terrain inspection with the FLB airborne antenna series
  • Borehole data collection with the BA borehole antenna series
  • Archeology with any of the GCB ground coupled antennas between 100-1000 MHz
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