• FLB-antennas

    FLB-390 is a great choice for high speed road surveys.

  • FLB-antennas

    FLB-390 is one of the antennas in the Rex Triton system.

Airborne Antennas / FLB-series


The FLB GPR antenna series cover the need for non-contact antennas in applications where survey depth requirements surpass the design capabilities of the horn antennas. FLB antennas have a relatively small footprint on the air-ground interface, considering that it works in the VHF band, and a substantial amount of energy is therefore successfully delivered into the ground.

The FLB antennas have been optimized to offer a good front-to-back ratio, to allow for operation in urban environments. The primary fields of applications are geology surveys in very rough terrains where the use of ground coupled antennas may be prohibitive. FLB antennas are also used in the Rex system for high speed road surveys, where information about the deeper layers of the road are necessary.


  • Deep road surveys
  • Deep railroad surveys
  • Air launched snow and ice thickness measurements
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FLB Antenna Range

Antenna Name Center Frequency
(at 10dB)
Penetration Depth* Resolution/target size** Range Dimensions(mm) Weight
FLB-250 FLB-250 250MHz 4m 0.20m 50-100ns 510x510x160 4.5kg
FLB-390 FLB-390 390MHz 3m 0.125m 25-100ns 360x330x157 3.0kg

*Maximum depth of penetration estimated for RDP=6,σ<0.1mS
**In average low conductive soils