Software and System Tutorials

GPRSoft Standard and Professional

Basics Part 1 – Open, view and safe

Part 1 of the GPRSoft Tutorial Series. Basic introduction to GPRSoft. Learn how to open files, view and save them.

Basics Part 2 - Simple processing

Part 2 of the GPRSoft Tutorial Series. Basic introduction to GPRSoft. Learn how to do simple processing.

Object Tools
Object Tools

Tutorial on using “object tools” in GPRSoft PRO.

Layer Tools

Learn how to handle layers with GPRSoft PRO.

Topography Tool

Tutorial on using the “topography tool” in GPRSoft PRO.

"Bad" Data Processing

Tutorial on processing "Bad" data with GPRSoft.

Macro Function and Batch Processing

Tutorial on macro function and batch processing in GPRSoft PRO.

Velocity Analysis

Tutorial on velocity analysis in GPRSoft PRO.

Overgained Data Showcase

Showcase on how overgaining/overclipping can destroy your data.

General Tutorials

Geology Survey
Geology Survey with Geo-80

The video shows an example of a geology GPR survey using a Geo-80 system. The data is processed using the GPRSoft PRO post-processing software, where the main focus is on the "Topographic Correction" tool.

Bridge deck inspection
Bridge Deck Inspection with Odin-1000

This movie shows how a bridge deck inspection can be done using an Odin-1000 system.

GPR and Soil Conductivity
GPR and Soil Conductivity

A demonstration of how soil conductivity affects your data collection.

Find the pipe
GPR with U-Explorer Mini – Find the Pipe!

Basic introduction to GPR. The U-Explorer Mini system is used in this video to find a pipe.

PDF DownloadGPR Basic Tutorial with

The basic concepts of ground penetrating radar are explained with the aid of, a very simple to use gpr simulator. Download your own free here.

Gaia Spectrum

PDF DownloadGPR Antenna Bandwidth with Gaia Spectrum

The concept of bandwidth, as it is used by GPR practitioners, is explained in this document. Read this simple step-by-step guide one how to get information about a system using a Gaia Spectrum software.