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Gaia Spectrum is a compact and powerful GPR acquisition software for analyzing and comparing geophysical data collected from different instruments from the same or different manufacturers. It is designed to import all major ground penetrating radar file formats, geophysical data formats such as SEG-Y, SEG-2 and a wide variety of laboratory instruments. The data can be viewed in five different ways and there are several tools for automatic and semi-automatic analysis of the data sets.

The source data is imported into the software without making any modifications to the original file. The analysis results can then be stored as reference files for further comparison with other data files. GaiaSpectrum has full support for viewing multiple traces without compression and playing back them in a continuous manner. One can pause, play forward or in reverse the imported file without any restrictions of file size or type.

Analysis Tools

GaiaSpectrum has five different data views, four of which can be viewed simultaneously. The imported data can be represented in five different ways: time domain or oscilloscope, frequency domain or spectrum, waterfall view from the time or frequency domains and as phase information against frequency content. The waterfall data view is shared between the frequency and time domain and that's the reason why only four data views are available at the time.

GaiaSpectrum counts more than a dozen automatic and semi-automatic analysis tools in its standard configuration. Measurements such as: total harmonic distortion, signal to noise ratio, ground penetrating radar filter boundaries selection and many others are quick accurate and easy to use. From version 2.0 and up DSP techniques such as whitening of the spectrum, FFT filters and gaining the input data, have become available.

It is possible to save the active data view as a .bmp or .jpg file to add to reports and any kind of documentation. Labels can be easily added to the data view with different fonts and colors. All data views except the waterfall data view have reference data meaning that a file can be saved and sent to your colleague as a reference file. In such a way both of you will see the same results and comparing data becomes easy and reliable.

Supported File Formats

  • GSF Geoscanners Survey Files
  • SG2 SPRScan ERA SEG-2, Seismic Files SEG-2
  • RD3 Malå Files
  • SEG-Y Radsys Files, Seismic Files, Segy Files
  • DZT GSSI Files
  • DT1 SensorsSoftware DT1
  • DT Zon Files
  • CSV Comma Separated Value
  • DAT Dat Files
  • WAV WAVE Files
  • SHT Wavestar® Files
Gaia Spectrum

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Intel pentium processor 200MHz CPU clock
    Recommended 800MHz or higher
  • 64 MB of RAM
    Recommended 512MB or higher
  • 10 MB free disk space
  • 256-color video display adapter
  • Screen area: 800x600
    Recommended 1024x768 or higher
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