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The Geo systems are all highly scalable low-frequency GPR systems for deep surveys. The elements were carefully selected and combined to result in compact and easily maneuverable solution for customers doing geology mapping with profile lengths of considerable magnitude. Nevertheless, the systems can be used for other fields of application as long your desired depths of penetration are high and the estimated size of the objects is large enough.

The Geo series is unique compared to other similar systems in the sense that you will have to look twice to grasp how compact the systems are. The Geo-100D, for example, uses a standard SVC-820 cart and a GCB-100 ground coupled antenna, the smallest 100MHz antenna on the market. Smallest, but by no means performance impaired, on the contrary! The data collected with the Geo-100D can be analyzed directly on the field using the GPRSoft post-processing software that is included in the system. The table below shows the different Geo system configurations.

Depending on the survey requirements, different low frequency antennas from our product line are ready to be used and insure highest performance possible. In order to choose the perfect Geo system for your survey requirements, we would recommend a consultation with our engineers. It is a quick process that is of great help if you know that you need a low frequency antenna, but not sure which Geo system is the best fit for your survey requirements best.

Included Products

The products below are standard products that are included in all Geo systems. Modifications can be made, depending on the survey requirements and user needs.

Apart from the listed products, all Geoscanners systems include quick professional support and GPR training at the Geoscanners facility in Sweden or at another location around the world (read more here).

  • Low frequency ground coupled, airborne or multi-frequency antenna depending on the system configuration (more details in the table below)
  • Akula 9000B or Akula 9000C control unit
  • Survey cart or trailer depending on the Geo system configuration (more details in the table below)
  • Laptop
  • GPRSoft Standard post-processing software
  • GAS acquisition software
  • Battery and charger
  • Accessories
  • Geo-80

    Geo-80 with the Gekko-80 antenna.

  • Geo-100

    Geo-100 comes with the smallest
    100MHz antenna on the market!

  • Geo-80

    The Geo systems are complete GPR solutions
    for deep surveys.


  • Deep utility surveys
  • Deep stratigraphic mapping
  • Deep archeology surveys
  • Deep forensics
  • Deep water table surveys
  • Deep void detection
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Geo System Configurations

System Name Control Unit Antenna Cart Penetration depth* Resolution/target size**
Geo-60 Geo-60 Akula 9000C Gekko-60 SVC-820 50m (Monostatic mode) >0.85m (Monostatic mode)
Geo-80 Geo-80 Akula 9000C Gekko-80 SVC-820 30m (Monostatic mode) >0.65m (Monostatic mode)
Geo-120 Geo-120 Akula 9000C Gekko-120 SVC-820 20m (Monostatic mode) >40cm (Monostatic mode)
Geo-100D Geo-100D Akula 9000B GCB-100 SVC-820 15m 0.5m
Geo-100R Geo-100R Akula 9000B GCB-100 GSH-491 15m 0.5m
Geo-1250 Geo-1250 Akula 9000C MFC-1250 STM-121 70m (Monostatic mode) >1m (Monostatic mode)

*Maximum depth of penetration estimated for RDP=6,σ<0.1mS
**In average low conductive soils