• MFC-antennas

    The MFC-1250 multi-frequency antenna has center frequencies from 20MHz to 100MHz.

  • MFC-antennas

    Two MFC-1250 antennas used together during a survey in India.

Multi-Frequency Antennas / MFC-series


MFC-1250 is a lower frequency GPR antenna with exchangeable transducer elements. This gives you a choice between multiple center frequencies for the unit. The selection of the center frequency for MFC-1250 is 20, 25, 33.3, 50 and 100MHz, depending on the transducer element rod length. This range allows you to influence the balance between the penetration depth and the resolution in the best possible way, so that the final choice suits the survey requirements.

The ability to easily and quickly vary the center frequency is well suited for geotechnical applications that require deep penetration with good resolution of layers. If less penetration is suitable for the planned survey, and higher resolution is the goal then MFC-1250 will accommodate the requirements with a shorter overall length. If, on the contrary, you need the maximum possible penetration with resolutions suitable for large objects then again the antenna can be configured using longer element rods.

In a nut shell, this antenna together with a good understanding of your survey goals will absolutely guarantee a successful and efficient survey job.


  • Deep geotechnical and environmental surveys
  • Geohydralogical surveys
  • Glaciological surveys
  • Embankment dam safety control
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MFC Antenna Configurations

Antenna Name Center Frequency
(at 10dB)
Penetration Depth* Resolution/target size** Range Dimensions(mm)
Main electronics
Weight of main electronics
MFC-1250 MFC-1250 20, 25, 33.3, 50 or 100MHz
(depending on the used antenna elements)
70m >1m 256-radar max 195x135x255 2.25kg
20, 25, 33.3, 50 or 100MHz
(depending on the used antenna elements)
80m >1m 256-radar max 2 MFC1250 antennas 4.5kg

*Maximum depth of penetration estimated for RDP=6,σ<0.1mS
**In average low conductive soils