• TR-501

    The TR-501 transceiver can be used in both monostatic and bistatic mode.

  • VHT-501

    VHT-501 transmitter can be used with both the RX-501 receiver and the TR-501 transceiver.

Accessories / Plug-ins


The plug-in electronics include transceivers, receivers and transmitters that are designed specifically for the Gekko airborne antennas and the MFC multi-channel antennas. They are successfully used with antennas from other GPR manufacturers as well (contact us for more information). The common factor for all our plug-in electronics is great efficiency and low noise levels for deep surveys.

TR-501 is a transceiver and the perfect choice for people who wish to use MFC, Gekko or similar antennas in monostatic mode. It can be paired with the VHT-501 transmitter in order to allow for bistatic mode surveys.

VHT-501 is a high power plug-in transmitter for MFC and Gekko antennas. There are two possible configurations when using VHT-501, using it with the TR-501 transceivers or with the RX-501 receivers. Using a VHT-501 transmitter with a TR-501 transceiver gives the freedom of working in both monostatic and bistatic mode. If you wish the get the most out of the systems penetration depth, then connecting a VHT-501 transmitter to the very sensitive low noise RX-501 receiver receiver is the way to go. This pairing results in excellent data with great penetration.

Plug-in Product Range

Image Name Type Dimensions Weight
RX-501 RX-501 Receiver 230x133x82mm 0.3kg
TR-501 TR-501 Transceiver 230x133x82mm 0.3kg
VHT-501 VHT-501 Transmitter 230x133x82mm 0.3kg

Antennas that use plug-ins

  • Gekko airborne antennas
  • MFC multi-frequency antennas
  • Low frequency antennas with plug-in slots from other manufacturers. Contact us for more information.
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