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Akula 9000C is a modern, sophisticated and world-leading radar control unit for a wide variety of ground penetrating radar surveys. It offers a level of customization and scalability second to none, starting from its rugged design and all the way to the user friendliness of its interface. Its wide choice of automatic settings allows beginner operators to become proficient in this complex technology in no time whatsoever.

The software delivered with the Akula 9000C radar control units is universal for all Geoscanners' control units, making the transition between control units simple and quick. Akula 9000C is also delivered with a copy of our excellent post processing software GPRSoft Std, which in itself is already a great added value. Akula 9000C is compatible not only with all Geoscanners antennas, but it also has the possibility to install optional adapters for using antennas from other manufacturer that you may have purchased in previous years. This adds new meaning to the words scalability, customization and affordability for ground penetrating radar units not seen before.

The control unit, being a logical successor to the previous versions of Akula series, adds all the benefits obtained by the predecessors in its own DNA. This fact alone means a high degree of reliability and quality of data that our customers are accustomed to. We reassure this with a 3 years long warranty and a free calibration during the entire warranty period.


Requirement Akula 9000C features
Antenna Compatibility BA borehole antennas, GCB ground coupled antennas,
HA horn antennas, FLB airborne antennas,
Gekko airborne antennas, MFC multi-frequency antennas.
Interface Language English, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Turkish.
  • Akula 9000C

    Revolutionary radar control unit that allows
    up to 16 channels!

  • Akula 9000C


  • Utility location with all ground coupled antennas from the GCB series
  • Concrete inspections with the microwave line of antennas from the GCB ground coupled antenna series
  • Geological exploration with the lower band antennas from the Gekko horn antenna series or the MFC multi-frequency antenna series
  • Road inspection with the horn antennas from the HA or the airborne antennas from the FLB series
  • Borehole data collection with the BA borehole antennas
  • Forensics with an appropriate antenna
  • Archeology with any of the ground coupled antennas from the GCB series
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