• ENC-132

    ENC-132 car wheel encoder

  • ENC-820

    ENC-820 is the standard survey wheel encoder used in most Geoscanners systems.

Accessories / Encoders


Survey encoders, distance measuring instruments (DMI) or odometers are small sensory devices that provide information about the path length from a profile starting point. These units allow the users to trigger the collection of traces in distance mode and to position located anomalies from the collected data in real world. Although there have been many innovative solutions to provide this type of positioning, it appears that the humble survey wheel and encoder in contact with the ground is still the most often used solution.

Unlike distance encoders that rely on optical readers, that easily get obstructed by dirt and dust, the Geoscanners encoders are safely enclosed inside a rugged body, protecting them from the environment. By using a high precision magnet reader we provide fieldproof encoders that will survive even the roughest conditions. Although all our systems include an encoder by default, it is possible to order particular encoder solutions separately. As an example, the ENC-820 encoder can be implemented in many different deployment solutions as long as there is a 30mm pipe with a wheel bushing to put the encoder and the survey wheel on some axis.

In addition to the distance encoder units, we also have many different triggering and displaying devices that can expand the way you are using the information coming from the survey wheel. If you have a special requirement when it comes to distance measuring device in the system we will be happy to accommodate you with a solution.

Encoders Product Range

Image Name Type Used With
ENC-820 ENC-820 Survey wheel encoder SVC-series survey carts and GSH-series survey trailers
ENC-132 ENC-132 Quadrature pulse encoder Rex road survey systems (CMH car mounts)


  • Optimized dimensions
  • Well protected from the environment
  • High precision magnet reader
  • Included in all Geoscanners GPR survey systems
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