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Rex (Road Explorer) is a complete GPR solution for high speed road and railroad surveys. The Rex systems are mounted on vehicles and use airborne antennas to avoid the friction in contact with the road, allowing for considerable speeds of acquisition. Rex series solutions provide single channel (Rex), dual channel (Rex Duo) and triple channel (Rex Triton) antenna combinations to satisfy the surveying requirements in the best possible way.

All Rex systems include a control unit from the well established Akula 9000 series, an airborne antenna from the HA horn antenna series and/or the FLB antenna series. In cases where more than one antenna is required (Rex Duo and Rex Triton), the antennas are combined, using a MCE multiplexer, to guarantee the best possible results. The data is collected and processed on a laptop with pre-installed GPRSoft post-processing and GAS acquisition software. In order to find the perfect antenna configuration for your survey requirements, we would recommend a brief consultation with our experienced GPR engineers.

Included Products

The products below are standard products that are included in all Rex systems. Modifications can be made, depending on the survey requirements and user needs.

Apart from the listed products, all Geoscanners systems include quick professional support and GPR training at the Geoscanners facility in Sweden or at another location around the world (read more here).

  • One or more airborne antennas from the HA horn antennas series and/or from the FLB-series
  • Akula 9000C control unit
  • Multiplexer from the MCE series for the Rex Duo and Rex Triton system configurations
  • CMH-201(-202 or -203) car mounted holder for high speed road surveys
  • Laptop
  • GPRSoft Professional post-processing software
  • GAS XP acquisition software
  • Battery and charger
  • Accessories
  • Rex

    Complete survey solutions for
    road and railroad surveys

  • Rex Triton

    Rex Triton collects data from different layers in one go.


  • High speed road surveys
  • High speed railroad surveys
  • High speed airport lanes inspection
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Rex System Configurations

System Antennas Control Unit Channels Details
Rex 1 antenna:
Akula 9000B 1 channel The choice of antenna depends on the focus of the survey. You can choose between a HA-1000, 1GHz horn antenna, or a HA-2000, 2GHz horn antenna. The 1GHz antenna is more suitable for overall road assessment (thick asphalt layers). The 2GHz antenna is more limited in penetration, but can reveal details about the thin asphalt.
Rex Duo 2 antennas:
HA and/or FLB
Akula 9000C 2 channels with
Rex Duo acquires both the deeper overall road layer conditions, as well as the top thin layer conditions in one go. Depending on your wishes and survey requirements, you can choose a combination of two horn antennas from the HA-series, or a combination of a horn antenna and a deep penetrating antenna from the FLB-series.
Rex Triton 3 antennas:
HA and/or FLB
Akula 9000C 3 channels with
Rex Triton is suitable for collecting information from different depths at once. By combining the HA horn antennas and FLB airborne antennas, each can be set to focus on a specific region of the road. The collected data holds the information about the thin top asphalt layer, bed of the road and deeper contact with filament and natural layers.