• GCB-antennas

    From left to right: GCB-100, GCB-1000, GCB-200, GCB-300.

  • GCB-antennas

    From left to right: GCB-3070, GCB-700, GCB-500, GCB-400.

Ground Coupled Antennas / GCB-series


The ground coupled bowtie GPR antennas from the GCB series have the best performance in their antenna category on the market. The GCB antennas are fully shielded and provide excellent results even in the most EM polluted survey sites anywhere in the world. By implementing sophisticated product and electrical design solutions we succeeded in making all GCB antennas lightweight and compact, superseeding other currently available solutions.

The GCB antennas are produced with a variety of center frequencies allowing you to select the best balance between the required depth of penetration and resolution of the antenna. The center frequency for any of the GCB antennas can easily be determined by simply reading the number value in the name of the antenna. Rigorous quality controls done at the end of the production line at the Geoscanners facility in Sweden take care that all of the antennas outside of the specification are rejected and returned for repair and tuning. In this way we are certain that you can rely on the equipment performance and focus on the survey at hand.


  • Utility detection and mapping
  • Void detection and location
  • Environmental damage location
  • Forensic investigations
  • Archeology
  • Deep stratigraphic mapping
  • Water table surveys
  • Concrete inspection
  • Ice thickness measurements
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GCB Antenna Range

Antenna Name Center Frequency
(at 10dB)
Penetration Depth* Resolution/target size** Range Dimensions(mm) Weight
GCB-100 GCB-100 103MHz 15m 0.5m 50-350ns 460x460x255 11.5kg
GCB-200 GCB-200 210MHz 10m 0.25m 30-200ns 360x330x157 3.5kg
GCB-300 GCB-300 307 MHz 8m 0.15m 20-120ns 380x295x160 2.6kg
GCB-400 GCB-400 380MHz 4m 0.125m 15-75ns 320x255x150 1.65kg
GCB-500 GCB-500 480MHz 2.5m 0.1m 10-50ns 320x255x150 1.7kg
GCB-700 GCB-700 675MHz 1.5m 0.07m 7-35ns 320x255x150 1.35kg
GCB-1000 GCB-1000 1000MHz 1m 0.05m 5-25ns 248x200x97 1.05kg
GCB-1500 GCB-1500 1500MHz 0.75m 0.015m 3-20ns 248x200x97 1.05kg
GCB-2000 GCB-2000 2000MHz 0.4m 0.0125m 2-10ns 248x120x97 1.05kg

*Maximum depth of penetration estimated for RDP=6,σ<0.1mS
**In average low conductive soils