• MCE-202

    The MCE-202 multiplexer allows you to use 2 antennas at the same time.

  • MCE-204

    Use up to 4 antennas at once with the MCE-204 multiplexer.

Accessories / MCE Multiplexers


The MCE multiplexers are fast multiplexer adapters for the Akula 9000C ground penetrating radar control units. Akula 9000C is backward compatible with all Geoscanners antennas and the main control cable. Since there is only one physical connector on the radar control unit and the antennas require a direct connection to the control unit, a hardware extension is essential to achieve a multichannel configuration. The MCE multiplexers are that hardware extension, providing physical connectors to attach a number of antennas(channels) to Akula9000C control units.

MCE-202 allows up to 2 antennas to be connected to an Akula9000C control unit, and MCE-204 can have up to 4 antennas connected at once. MCE multiplexers have a low power supply requirement and the power is delivered directly from the radar control unit. In other words, there is no need for additional power supply. Furthermore, the complete control of the MCE multiplexer units is resolved on the hardware level and Akula 9000C takes care of it.

MCE Multiplexer Product Range

Multiplexer Name Number of
Dimensions Weight
MCE-202 MCE-202 2 103x53x120mm 0.4kg
MCE-204 MCE-204 4 103x53x220mm 0.5kg

*For information about multiplexers that allow more than 4 channels please contact us directly.


  • Multichannel road survey
  • Multichannel utility survey
  • Multichannel archeology survey
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