Application Notes


PDF Download Introduction to GPR

This document explains the basic principles of Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR).

PDF Download Data Clipping Corruption

A document in the irreversible corruption of the collected GPR Data when using too much gain.

PDF Download Optimal GPR Antenna Selection

Different targets at different depths require different antennas to provide maximum success rate for your surveys. This paper evaluates two different antennas detecting three targets in the same place.

PDF Download Mid-Frequency Antenna Comparison in Gaia Spectrum

A short survey of two commercially available GPR antennas, their specifications and measurements results.

PDF Download GPR Antenna Resolution

This article discusses the GPR vertical and horizontal resolution issues.

PDF Download Estimating Soil Conductivity for GPR Applications

A practical approach to estimate bulk conductivity for Ground Penetrating Radar applications.

Practical Work

PDF Download Geology Survey/Stratigraphy

Underlines the necessary steps to perform a successful geological survey with GPR.

PDF Download Weymouth Bridge Survey

Survey of bridges in the town of Weymouth, in the South-West of the UK, preparing for the Olympics 2012.

PDF Download Deep Utility Survey

Analysis the available techniques for performing deep utility surveys with a GCB-100 shielded ground coupled antenna.

PDF Download UST Detection

Basic principles used when surveying UST (Underground Storage Tanks) with GPR.

PDF Download "Dangerous" Waste GPR Survey

This document is about the use of GPR technology for surveying waste fields and a simulated case study.

PDF Download GPR Antenna Comparison

Comparison survey using a selection of Geoscanners GPR antennas.

PDF Download Topography Correction Techniques

An introduction to topography correction for ground probing radar surveys.

PDF Download Antenna Bandwidth with Gaia Spectrum

Bandwidth definition and measurement.

PDF Download Railroad Survey

An example on how to use GPR for railroad inspection.