• Gekko-antennas

    Gekko-80 gets to the deeper layers with the Geo-80 configuration.

  • Gekko-antennas

    The Gekko antennas are easily mounted on a standard SVC-820 4-wheel survey cart.

Airborne Antennas / Gekko-series


The antennas from the Gekko series are compact, lightweight, ultra-wide band ground penetrating antennas from the VHF radio frequency band. They have an improved signal to noise ratio and more precise resolution compared to similar devices from other manufacturers. Gekko antennas are therefore excellent for applications where deep penetration, good resolution and maneuverable GPR systems are desirable.

All Gekko antennas can be used upon their arrival, and are equipped with our top of the line TR-501 transceiver. There are different plug-in combinations that can be chosen if you wish to use the Gekko antennas in bistatic mode. One possible combination is to use a RX-501 receiver with a VHT-501 transmitter. It is also possible to combine a TR-501 transceiver with a VHT-501 transmitter, allowing you to decide on site if the survey is going to be done in monostatic or bistatic mode.

A great deal of time was invested in the design of the outer shell of the Gekko antennas to provide a stable construction and a degree of ruggedness that has not been achieved before. The Gekko antennas are easily mounted on the GST-806 car mount trailer, on the standard SVC-820 4-wheel cart, or on the ASH-822 hand carrier.


  • Deep geology surveys
  • Deep archeology surveys
  • Water table mapping
  • Large cavity, voids and tunnel mapping
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Gekko Antenna Range

Antenna Name Center Frequency
(at 10dB)
Penetration Depth* Resolution/target size** Range Dimensions(mm) Weight
Gekko-60 Gekko-60 64.75MHz 50m >0.85m 256-radar max 2045x120x222 5kg
64.75MHz 60m >0.85m 256-radar max 2 Gekko-60 antennas 10kg
Gekko-80 Gekko-80 80MHz 30m >0.65m 256-radar max 1375x120x222 3.3kg
80MHz 40m >0.65m 256-radar max 2 Gekko-80 antennas 6.6kg
Gekko-120 Gekko-120 120MHz 20m >40cm 120-radar max 800x120x222 2.5kg
120MHz 20m >40cm 120-radar max 2 Gekko-120 antennas 5kg

*Maximum depth of penetration estimated for RDP=6,σ<0.1mS
**In average low conductive soils